Terry Richardson

First they sell you porn as liberation and feminism
Completely ignoring the horrors of human trafficking.
You don’t want to be like those horrible muslims do you?!
Show your pride and gratitude for the freedom and liberty we have bombed millions and millions for.
Get naked, get mutilated, starved and abused.
Take the attention away from the real suffering of capitalism like war and slavery.
And when the damage is done cry victim and take the attention again from the real victims of capitalism.
Why would i care for women and children who are being trafficked as slaves?
Why would i care for the women and children who work in the textile industry?
Why would i care for the men and children who are being sold to the prison industrial complex?
If i can cry for the millionaires of Hollywood and the fashion catwalks

Well cry me a river and slowly drown in it!

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